Nadia H.

Conveniently located within a 24hr Chevron gas station, this smoke shop will fulfill a variety of tastes. It has a range of pipes, vaporizers, and other rare pieces as well as an amazing humidor filled cigar collection and detox drinks. The smoke shop manager really looks out for his customers, being both friendly and attentive and seems to be at the store most days. I know of some people who drive an hour or more out of their way just to buy something from this shop rather than others.

I’m frankly surprised by the prices offered within the store considering the quality of the products which are unique and simultaneously well crafted. I’ve only seen similar pieces on the West coast, mostly in California. Although I haven’t tested this out myself, their website indicates that they will match any price that you see elsewhere. I find myself consistently coming back to this shop for hookah pipes and hookah tobacco. I also have purchased several glass pipes which are pretty as well as perfectly functional. Their vapes are also super affordable. It seems like they update their inventory regularly and are diversifying what they carry as well. I would definitely recommend this shop.