Christina C.

I was just going to fill up gas today and discovered this gem. This was not an ordinary Chevron. Inside there was this smoke shop. I was tempted to buy from their amazing selection of pipes, but I was most intrigued by the variety of electronic cigarettes and electronic hookahs. I am a big hookah fan, and have many friends that smoke hookah but not cigarettes. So I decided to invest in an electronic hookah since it’s portable and I can share with friends while we’re out. I usually go for the fruity hookah flavors but this time decided to try a “Double Dare Coffee” flavor. On top of that, the friendly manager gave me a complimentary electronic cigarette. I’m excited to try it out.

It’s 24 hours, has a wide, inexpensive selection of smoke stuff, AND you can fill gas and pick up some snacks while you’re at it. I love the convenience and added variety. I’m definitely coming back to this gas station to fill up gas just to browse the smoke shop.