Reviews from the Web

Matthew K. from Duluth, GA
“My favorite smoke shop to go to. Hassan is the man, he never leaves me with unanswered questions about products. Great selection of pieces at great prices!”

Erin D. from Suwanee, GA
“Without a doubt the best smoke shop in north Georgia. When I first came in to the shop I was amazed to find there were more pieces on the shelves than snacks! Upon further inspection I realized these brand name pieces were at much lower prices than the shop I was currently going to. Great shop. This is my go to for every thing I need 10/10.”

Asia V. from Gainesville, GA
“Great prices. I drove to 4 other smoke shops all the way to Tucker and this place had the best deals. You can get an entire rig setup for under $100. Pretty much a steal, will definitely be coming back regularly.”

Ginger W. from Suwanee, GA
“Great product’s.Great selection. Great prices. A smoke shop that has a wide variety of tobacco products, as well as a diversified selection for those interested in the electronic Market.”

Christina C. from New Haven, CT
“I was just going to fill up gas today and discovered this gem. This was not an ordinary Chevron. Inside there was this smoke shop. I was tempted to buy from their amazing selection of pipes, but I was most intrigued by the variety of electronic cigarettes and electronic hookahs. I am a big hookah fan, and have many friends that smoke hookah but not cigarettes. So I decided to invest in an electronic hookah since it’s portable and I can share with friends while we’re out. I usually go for the fruity hookah flavors but this time decided to try a “Double Dare Coffee” flavor. On top of that, the friendly manager gave me a complimentary electronic cigarette. I’m excited to try it out.

It’s 24 hours, has a wide, inexpensive selection of smoke stuff, AND you can fill gas and pick up some snacks while you’re at it. I love the convenience and added variety. I’m definitely coming back to this gas station to fill up gas just to browse the smoke shop.”

Alex B. from Lawrenceville, GA
“this place is amazing. just went here today and got a small little pipe for like 7 bucks. talking about cheap. this place has a great selection. its basically a gas station that sells smoking supplies. they have pipes, electric cigs, vapes, hooka, bongs, everything a normal smoke shops has just with the added benefit of selling the usual stuff gas stations carry. beer, food, energy drinks, soda water and gas. well worth it. it offers same quality as any other head shop, just has better prices.”

Cole B. from Suwanee, GA
“Forget the fact that its a gas station, thats just a secondary convenience to the large amount of high quality medi grade glass and vape/concentrate accessories. They have all the newest stuff thats hot in Colorado and other heady states, theres even a selection of heady handblown luxury pieces, very high end stuff for a simple gas station. The owner Hassan is always very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the products he carries and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure your happy with your purchase. With Starship right up the street, I will always choose Chevron Smoke because of the great service and huge selection of high end glass. Would recommend to any experienced glass collectors.”

Adrienne T. from Atlanta, GA
“Who knew my new favorite vape shop would be in a Chevron station!! The owner and employees were SO helpful and well educated about all the different pens. They took their time, helped me pick out the perfect vape pen, took me thru the huge selection of flavored oils, and even threw in some free accessories!! I’ll be back for the hookah tasting party :-)”

Jessica G. from Suwanee, GA
“This is my new favorite place to get my ecigs! This place is amazing and I never even knew it was there and I’ve been in Suwanee area for a long time. The employees were great and very helpful and friendly. I will definitely be going back.”

David E. from Buford, GA
“This is by far the best smoke shop in Georgia!!!!!!

I have nothing but good things to say about this smoke shop.The prices are right and the selection is immense. If you go into this smoke shop you will leave with exactly what you are looking for. The customer service is through the roof. When I have a question about a specific item, I get a full detailed explanation so that I can assess if it will meet my needs. The owner and employees are very patient and helpful, and will work with you to find what you need.

I am a return customer and have never left this shop unsatisfied. My girlfriend and I get all of our pieces, vape supplies, hookah supplies, and accessories from the Suwanee smoke shop. Come visit this shop, you will not be disappointed.”

Kristopher T. from Duluth, GA
“Terrific little smoke shop. It’s actually pretty low key, as I have been living in L’vile for 4 years or more and never noticed it… They have lots of cool stuff to check out, though I couldn’t find what I was looking for……
It’s a great location that feels like a well kept secret.”

Sam O. from Suwanee, GA
“The short Indian guy in cutoff-sleeve shirts is the greatest man to have ever lived. Also has good assortment of bowls, bongs, and other paraphernalia. Friendly service and great stock.”

Jaid A. from Norcross, GA
“Great prices helpful staff and I could get some gas. Fantastic variety of mods and priced to sell. No price gouging on clones…the price was for a clone and not misleading to the public as anything but.  Also large quantity of vaping supplies as well as e-liquids. A+ on customer service. I will return.”