V Meds Lung Cleansing Therapy is here!

The V Meds Lung Cleansing Solution will help you breathe better, faster.


Chrissie Shapiro, May 20, 2014lung-cleansing-therapy-refill
“Four and a half weeks ago, I received my Nano Mist Inhaler. While getting instructions to use it and trying it out, two things were evident; the first was that it cleared whatever breathing obstacle I had as does the puffer I use for asthma. The second and most beneficial, was the absence of rapid heart beat associated with the stimulant found in most or all meds for asthma. I repeated the use for at least 10 minutes, never ever experiencing the rapid pulse and heart beat.”

Cheryle Bittner, Mar 14, 2014
“Five days ago, I received my Lung Cleansing kit. And much to my surprise, I feel my lungs have opened up completely, and I feel that when I inhale the Nano-Mist, it goes very deep inside my lungs. Because of this, I have totally stopped using SYMBICORT.”

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